Monday, January 25, 2016

Orchestral Brass Sections and Their Unique Advantage

In case the title wasn't clear, this blog will discuss brass sections from established orchestras that perform outside of that group. This first post is an outstanding example of the high level not only of musicianship, but the cohesiveness of an ensemble that, can only be achieved in a setting like an orchestra. Most basically, the time these musicians spend together in the orchestra affords  them the luxury of knowing one another very intimately. Not only do they learn effective techniques in playing and rehearsing together, but the oneness of sound achieved by a group like Berlin is something that cannot be faked, rushed, or synthesized in any way.

My intention is certainly not to discredit other ensembles, but rather to point out the unique qualities of an ensemble such as this and the opportunities they have to create incredible recordings like the one above.

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