Monday, February 8, 2016

Chicago Symphony Brass Plays Ewald

Seeing as a week from today we'll be studying the landmark third brass quintet by Viktor Ewald, I thought a fantastic recording of his first would inform that class.

This is another favorite recording of mine. I would encourage you to listen to it somewhere other than the youtube link above as the quality is severely lacking.

Some background on the recording: This was done live in 1966 in Chicago with the brass quintet composed of members of the CSO. Trumpets, Adolph Herseth and Vincent Cichowicz, horn, Richard Oldberg, trombone, Frank Crisafulli, and the legendary player and pedagogue Arnold Jacobs on tuba.

Once again the sense of connection and intimacy is so present in this playing. These artists know the ins and outs of each others sounds and how to create a phenomenal ensemble playing rather that presenting 5 soloists. 

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  1. So, if you read my post from February 19th, I was looking for something to listen to when I came across your post. I took your advice and put the album on. As I was working on things, I accidentally listened to Ewald 1 on loop 4 or 5 times. I also have the Center City Brass Quintet recording (among others). While many of the recordings are fantastic, I feel like the CSO approaches all of these moments in Ewald through the shoes of what they heard from their colleagues, having these specific moments where they evoke different orchestral sections. It's also a thing I love about Empire, a really orchestrally minded approach that gets all these extra flavors and spices within. Great recommendation!!