Sunday, February 7, 2016

Take 9-Music for Horns

In 2004, the American Horn Quartet collaborated with the horn section of the New York Philharmonic to make the album "Take 9."

Long time friend of the AHQ, composer Kerry Turner is featured on the CD and his style aligns in such a glorious way with sound of the two groups.

This album in particular highlights the qualities of an orchestral horn section in immediate juxtaposition with a non-symphonic group. The differences in timbre are somewhat noticeable upon close listening, but I would argue that this is a huge advantage for this group as the two ensembles are extremely complimentary in style. In Turner's Antiphonal Fanfare, the range in tone and timbre are so well balanced, one hears a brass ensemble across 4 octaves in the opening, followed by a homogenous horn ensemble directly after.

Here are some more FANTASTIC tracks from what has become one of my favorite albums:
Tuner-Ghosts of Dublin
Brahms (Arr. Robert Elkjer)-Hungarian Dance No. 5
Turner-Farewell To Red Castle
Ewazen-Grand Canyon Suite


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