Monday, March 21, 2016

Dallas Symphony Brass Quintet

This is a group of players from the Dallas Sympony Orchestra, one of my favorite groups.

I think this video touches on some very important things about chamber music and showcases it's importance especially for symhpony players. Kevin Finamore talks about the challenge and value of chamber music to symphony musicians.

In a nice change of pace for this blog, this is a really high quality video with some very artistic cinematography and great sound quality. Having been at this for a little while now, the differences in style of the groups I've covered is becoming more and more apparent and I particularly like the sound and style of this ensemble. Their versatility is also noteworthy. I've listed the musicians below.

Ryan Anthony and Kevin Finamore, trumpet
Greg Hustis, horn
John Kitzman, trombone
Matt Good, tuba

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