Thursday, March 10, 2016

Pittsburgh Symphony Brass

Here's a live video of the Pittsburgh Symphony Brass playing some wonderfully balanced and stylistic contrapunctal music. All the players are members of the Pittsburgh Symphony and I've listed them by instrument below with links to their bios.

This group recorded an album in 1998 that includes Bach's collection known as "The Art of the Fugue." The album by the same title is yet another testament to the quality of orchestral brass. The balance of ensemble, interactive and sensitive playing, huge range of dynamics, timbre, and articulation are all hallmarks of great orchestral playing, and the effect that has on an ensemble like this is significant.

I also wanted to mention how much I like the addition of the bass trombone to make the group a sextet. The extra bass/tenor voice adds a certain richness to the group.


Horn William Caballero
Trumpets-George Vosburgh and Neil Bernsten
Tenor Trombone-Peter Sullivan
Bass Trombone-Murray Crewe
Tuba-Craig Knox

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