Sunday, March 6, 2016

This is a great video from two years ago that combines two of my favorite things: brass, and baseball. The St. Louis Cardinals (best team in the MLB) were taking on the Boston Red Sox (...) in the NLCS and the orchestras of the respective cities decided to get in on the rivalry.

This is a great demonstration of not only fantastic playing, but the fun and joy that comes from collaboration. Karin Bliznik is one of the most impressive trumpet players in the world today and I can say from personal experience that her sound is so intense and focussed that it's like a laser beam slicing through the orchestra. (See Alpine Sinfonie). I love to see someone that impressive and serious do something like this. We as musicians sometimes see our idols as so far beyond ourselves that it makes them unrealistic. This sort of thing humanizes the players we so admire and, I think, makes them in turn much more accessible. Enjoy!

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