Monday, April 25, 2016

And now...Berlin

Okay yes. Not technically brass ensemble, but I couldn't leave this out.

This video is just an excerpt, and I would encourage everyone to watch this full performance in Berlin's Digital Concert Hall.

The finale of Bruckner's 8th Symphony is the stuff of brass player's dreams. Giant, long, sustained fortissimo chords with interruptions of menacingly articulated dotted rhythms.

Now, I chose Berlin for obvious reasons. They are (arguably) the best orchestra on the planet currently, for more than one reason. But their brass is certainly one giant reason. The sound and consistency of these players is unmatched almost anywhere else, and their collective power is staggering. The focused sound of the trombone section, the high piercing, yet somehow still rich trumpets. And the pride of Berlin: their horns. The amazing combination of bright but not edgy, loud but not harsh, and complete unity of sound makes even the most diehard 8D worshiper (me) bow down and acknowledge the glory of the Alexader 103.

Watch it several times. It only gets better.

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