Sunday, April 24, 2016

Here's a great video of LA in (based on the personnel I see) the mid 90s. It's an excerpt from Schumann's "Rhenish" Symphony, his 3rd. While it is a trombone feature, I must say I'm a little miffed as a horn player that the principal horn in not acknowledged at all in the video even though they share that exact line with the principal trombone.

That said, the playing between the two sections is so in sync and accurate, that one might never know it was a duet.

Biased arguments aside, the playing is excellent. Ralph Sauer (who I'm very excited to meet this summer) is playing principal trombone and Jeff Raynolds plays bass. I love this opening to the fourth movement for its simple and somewhat fugal writing between scarce voices. It requires great agility and intonation of all the players and a huge attention to good section playing.

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  1. That is some quality alto playing right there. Sonny Ausman does a great job of "putting the meat in the sandwich" on this excerpt.