Monday, April 25, 2016

BSO Brass

Dug up this cool video of the Boston Symphony Brass from late 90's early 00's judging by the players.

Another great example of symphony players and the unique advantages and influences of section playing on ensemble work. Again there is that great sense of forward motion in the sound that stems from a trust amongst the players. Hesitation is a product of being unsure, and with colleagues such as these, that you know so well, being unsure is likely not a problem. In their playing, this is reflected in the tightness of time and one-ness of sound.

Horns: Richard "Gus" Sebring, Jonathan Menkis, Jay Wadenpfuhl, Richard Mackey. Trumpets: Thomas Rolfs, Bruce Hall, Steve Emery. 
Trombones: Norman Bolter, Darren Acosta, Douglas Yeo. 
Tuba: Gary Ofenloch.

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